Biography / contact


Virginie Viel – Doctor in music composition

Composer // Visual artist // Researcher

Thesis : Multi-form visualisation : An approach to acousmatic composition
Supervision :  Pr. John Young and Dr. Pete Batchelor
Location : MTI (Music Technology and Innovation Centre) De Montfort University, Leicester (UK)
Since 2019, I  live and work in Athens (GR)
Among others, here are some of my artistic and research interests :

– MUSIC COMPOSITION and TRANSMODALITY = interaction between visual and aural perception in the composition and perception of music.

– HOW to transmit extra-aural sensations through music ?


– COMPOSITION FOR LIVE PERFORMANCE involving music instruments, electroacoustic dance and visuals.

– HOW CULINARY EXPRIENCE can echo and be intertwined with music listening ?
– HOW CULINARY COMPOSITION can echo the compositional method I developed in my thesis. (elaboration of interactive and participative performance)


– Master of Arts:  School of Arts and Medias in Caen (France)
– Master of Electroacoustic composition : School of Arts in Mons (Belgium)


– My acousmatic pieces have been played across Europe, America, Australia.

– I am a member of Séneçon, a collective of composers based in Brussels.

Various collaborations with visual artists and composers on creative projects in Europe since 2008.


email :
tel : +30 6993610383

Former blog

cf :  (Montage avec  Thibault Jehanne / Editing with Thibault Jehanne)

cf : Porfolio 2013


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