Virginie Viel

I am an artist, composer of Electroacoustic Music, working as a free-lancer.
Welcome to my world!

About Me

Since 2011, I compose Electroacoustic and Acousmatic music. I also enjoy expressing myself by taking landscape photos. I have collaborated with multiple artists to a wide range of projects, from photo exhibitions, short movies, live electronics and acousmatic pieces. My PhD, entitled ”Multi-form visualisation : An approach to acousmatic composition” led me to investigate further more the relationship between visual and aural perceptions in the composition and perception of music. Today, I look for new artistic experiences that would put together artists from different fields in order to propose new perceptual experiences to people.




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Recent Causes

  • Upcoming
    September 2017 Composer-in-residence Visby, Sweden October 04, 2017 World Premiere of a piece composed collectively. Concert curated by Collectif Séneçon Brussels, Belgium
  • ##_Bxl_11
      Image 01-11, 2011, photographie, 80 x 53 cm         Sans Titre #01-11, 2011, photographie, 80 x 53 cm       Architecture du vide, 2011, photographie, 80 x 53 cm
  • series##_2016

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